The more we learn, the more we can perform. The more we perform, the more we learn.

I grew up in a household where we had a little family band. My father played guitar, banjo, mandolin, and my mother played accordion and piano. They encouraged me and my other three siblings to jump in and play a song or sing and enjoy the process. It was always fun to me and whoever came to the house, my mom or dad might say, "Mariann, please sing a song!", or "Mariann, come play a song!"

As a teacher, I hope to pass along the necessary skills to play and perform with. Then, at a recital or a sing along, I will ask my students, "Please, come sing or play a song! We would love to hear you!"

In the scheduled recitals and sing-along’s, I encourage my students to perform one to two songs to demonstrate their accomplishments and achievements. This also gives them confidence and develops skills necessary to perform for an audience.